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All Polluting Industries Around Taj Mahal Should be Closed; UP govt to Supreme Court

Under flame for not being proactive in securing the Taj Mahal's immaculate beauty, the UP government on Tuesday filed a vision document in the Supreme Court that incorporates measures to decrease pollution in Agra and neighboring areas and announce the vicinity of the monument a 'no plastic zone'. The affidavit additionally says that like different monuments, Taj could likewise be brought under the Center's 'Adopta Heritage Scheme' under which public and private companiesRead More

Supreme Court ruled that there cannot be a complete ban on holding protests at places like Jantar Mantar

There cannot be a “complete ban” on holding protests and sit-ins at Jantar Mantar and Boat Club in New Delhi, the Supreme Court said on Monday as it asked the Centre to frame guidelines to grant the necessary permission to hold such events. The Supreme Court bench of Justice AK Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan today ruled that there can not be a blanket ban on protests in Central Delhi. Allowing the non violent protest in Jantar Mantar and different regions in Central Delhi the Court has asked the police to frame the rules and regulations. The bench said there was a need to strike a harmony between clashing rights, for example, such as the right to protest and right of citizens to live peacefullRead More

Marital Rape Hearing- Marriage doesn’t mean wife always ready for sex: Delhi High Court

Marriage does not mean that a woman is always consenting for physical relations with her husband, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday observed and also held that physical force is not nececessary for constituting the offence of rape. Hearing petitions requesting criminalisation of marital rape, the Delhi High Court allegedly asserted that marriage does not imply thatRead More

Supreme Court asks Parliament to bring in special law against lynching as offence and punishment

The Supreme Court today requested that Parliament pass law establishing lynching as a separate offence with punishment, to deal with the incidents of lyncnhing across the country saying ‘mobocracy can’t take over’ and that law and order is the government’s responsibility. “we think it appropriate to recommend to the legislatureRead More

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