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Studyped was established 1. To provide facilities for education and research of University standard 2. the encouragement of the dissemination, advancement, development and application of knowledge. 3. the provision of courses of study or instruction across the range of fields, and they carrying out of research, to meet the needs of the community. 4. The provision of teaching and learning that engage with advanced knowledge. The world is changing and so are ways of learning new and bigger things. Today the world of education is not limited to the classroom knowledge but in today's world education is far behind that four walled structure. The newer ways to acquire knowledge reflects the dynamic changes in modern Indian educational society. Evolving by benchmarking itself against the best in the country it is a student centric philosophy leads to innovatives in teaching and learning, student affairs, academic programs and healthcare. Cutting edge technologies, smart classrooms and modern infrastructure positively impact the delivery of world class education but a new way of learning new things is far more impactful then to come in a class and brag in a old manner the bears in mind its objective that its ultimate aim is to participate in the task of inculcating knowledge and hone skills which are vital to the young graduates and postgraduate who passes out from various universities.